Distance Education at CASIT

Attention Students

The Distance Education testing program managed by CASIT has updated the security procedures for proctored students.

In addition to providing photo ID before an exam, students will be asked to log into DuckWeb before being seated. We do not expect this to cause any problems other than slightly slowing down the seating process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Distance Education team contact the Distance Education team at CASIT.

DE at CASIT consults with faculty to suit their needs in delivering course materials to students. CASIT also offers instructional design services, and assists instructors in structuring and publishing course materials using the Canvas LMS and the UO Blogs WordPress environment. We also create custom standalone course websites.

Now in its 19th year of development, CASIT's distance education software suite includes student and business functions (enrollment, messaging and communication, syllabi delivery) as well as proctored testing, test creation, editing and results analysis, test scheduling and gradebook services.

Distance Education at CASIT has offered online courses and secure testing for University of Oregon classes since 1996.

Our proctored exams are administered both in our on-campus labs and at remote testing centers worldwide.


Our DE software offers UO instructors a wide variety of options in designing their courses and scheduling exams. Instructors should contact our experienced staff if they are interested in putting a course online or administering an exam through Distance Education at CASIT.

All student credit hour revenues associated with these courses will be distributed to your department.


This website allows students to reserve appointments for exams both on- and off-campus. All exams for these courses will be administered through this web portal.

Students who have never taken a course through our system before will need to click here to activate their account. Returning students can log in using their DuckID.

All Students planning to test off campus must submit a remote proctor request by the end of week two of the enrolled term.

Additional Benefits

  • Proctored Exams: CASIT's proctored exam services provide secure testing environments both on- and off- campus with positive student identification practices. We have partnered with hundreds of universities to assist students around the world in finding secure proctored sites to take UO exams.
  • Consultation: We offer years of experience in exam design and statistical analysis of exam results. We also offer instructional design and media support, including web publishing support and video capture and editing services.
  • Content hosting: CASIT System Services provides hosting for course content not already hosted in canvas.uoregon or Edublogs.
  • Accessibility: CASIT's Web Services team is well versed in online accessibility best practices. We offer accessibility review of online materials. We work with testing centers on- and off- campus to make sure that student accessibility needs are accommodated.

Courses Currently Offered

  • BA 316
  • BA 318
  • Econ 201
  • Econ 202
  • Econ 313
  • Econ 320
  • Econ 380
  • Fin 316
  • Geog 471
  • Geol 213
  • Geol 304
  • Geol 307
  • Geol 308
  • Geol 310
  • Ling 150
  • PS 201
  • PS 205
  • Psy 201
  • Psy 202
  • Psy 491/591

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