Frequently Asked Questions


What do I have to do to take my exam?     top
Students who will take their exams through DE @ SSIL must first activate their DE account. From the home page, under Students, click on the "Students who have never taken a course through our system before will need to click here to activate their account" link. A short tutorial explaining rules for testing will take you through the rest of the account activation process.

The next step is to create a reservation for testing when your deadline is approaching. Please note that a student cannot create a reservation more than two weeks in advance of the current day. This means if your test deadline is in four weeks, you will have to wait at least two more weeks before you can register for a date the same week as the deadline. For more information about how to create an exam reservation, please see this page:

What is a distance education account AND Do I already have a test taker ID?     top

A Test Taker ID is the same as a DuckID. A Distance Education account is your synced DuckID with the test taking system on our website from which you can ...

  • Create or delete a reservation to take an exam

  • File a request to be remotely proctored

  • View your exam scores for tests taken on our system

  • Email DE or your instructor with questions

To create an account with us, go to and click on "Create a test taker ID"

I am not in Eugene and cannot test on campus. What do I need to do?     top

If a student is not able to take their exams on campus in Eugene, they must find a remote proctor. The exception is students who will be testing in Portland (click here for more information).

This page has more information and a step by step guide for how to obtain a remote proctor:

Which on Campus Testing Center does my calendar display.     top
If a student is taking an online course that requires proctoring through CASIT, the location that they take their exams will be the Social Science Instructional Labs in McKenzie Hall. These computer labs are located on the 4th floor and a map can be found under the Map/Directions to SSIL link on the Distance Education homepage.

Do I need to come to the U of O campus in Eugene?     top
Yes, if you are in Eugene. However, if you are outside the greater Eugene area, you can obtain a remote proctor. It is required that exams be taken at a site arranged with the DE Coordinator. For more information on taking exams off campus, see this page.

Can I take these course if I have special accommodation needs related to disability?     top
Yes. Please contact the Accessible Education Center prior to the beginning of the term.

Acessible Education Center
(541) 346-1155

Is student data stored beyond a students enrollment at the University?     top
Student data is kept indefinitely in an anonymized state for the purpose of institutional planning as stated in the Official University Retention Schedule under Administrative Records 166-475-0010 section 25 and 26.

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