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SSIL On Campus Testing Policies
General Testing Conditions & Policies
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SSIL On Campus Testing Policies

1. Students must work within the DE site schedule to complete exams. The lab will not stay open beyond regular hours to accommodate test takers.

2. Tests have a time limit and may only be taken during established testing hours. Tests may not be taken, and may not carry on beyond the scheduled testing hours.

3.Testing may not begin later than 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment. For example, if you have a 12:00 appointment, you cannot start your test at 12:16 - you will have forfeited your appointment slot and must make another appointment.

4. Bring a Photo ID with you to the test. You may not begin a test without proper ID.

5. Students MUST make reservations for all of their class exams, up to two weeks in advance of the date of the test. Many students put off taking their tests until the last moment. By doing this, students run the risk of losing the opportunity to take the exam. By making a reservation at least 5 days in advance, a student can guarantee a chance to take their exam. Again, reservations cannot be made for a test date more than two weeks in advance.

6. Testing appointments can only be made online by logging into the DE student home page and selecting the desired time from the calendar. Only one appointment may be reserved at any time, per class. Students waiting until the end of the term to take several of their tests run the risk of heavily deducted points, as well as there being no open time slots in which to take the required test in order to pass the course. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the required tests by the testing deadlines on their syllabi.


General Testing Conditions & Policies

  • No open books, notebooks, crib sheets, phones, PDA's, etc. are allowed. Please leave all personal materials: books, backpacks, purses, notebooks, etc. at home.
  • No talking or leaving the lab while the exam is in progress. Go to the rest room, get a drink of water, before you sit down to take your test.
  • Due to violations in testing procedures, water bottles will not be allowed with the tester during the tests. 
  • Students wearing baseball style hats must remove them or turn the bill to the backside during testing. Hoods are not allowed to cover the head during testing. 
  • Test takers are monitored while taking tests by proctors and by video. Proctors are trained to observe students to ensure that students follow test taking policies.  
  • Proctors serve as the student's advocate for resolving problems. If you encounter problems of any sort, contact the proctor immediately.
  • Test takers can use a calculator and scratch paper under the following conditions: Students should use the calculator provided on the Start, Programs menu button on the computer. Proctors will supply the scratch paper. Scratch paper must be returned to proctor after exam for disposal. 
  • No retaking of tests unless there were clear technical difficulties. However, if the student encounters technical difficulties, the student must contact the proctor and inform them of the problem. 
  • In case of technical trouble, the proctor must e-mail the instructor and DE Coordinator. Their e-mail address can be found HERE. 
  • The email should record: the student's name, the class, the test number and version, the date, the time, a clear description of the problem, and the resolution of the problem. 


Testing Hours - - Winter 2014
The general SSIL lab testing times for Winter term in SSIL will be:

Monday - 2pm
Tuesday - 5pm
Wednesday - 12, 2, 4pm
Thursday - 12, 2, 4, 5pm
Friday - 12, 2 pm
Saturday - 12pm, 2

Additional hours will be added as necessary. Check the Calendar from your DE home page to see if further testing hours have been added. Slots are added as regular time slots fill up.

Deadlines for Classes, Spring 2015:

Business 316 (Spring 2015)
Midterm - Friday, May 01
Final - Thursday, June 11

Economics 201 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Saturday, April 25
Exam 2 - Saturday, May 23
Final Exam - Wednesday, June 10

Economics 202 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Wednesday, April 22
Exam 2 - Wednesday, May 20
Final Exam - Wednesday, June 10

Economics 313 (Spring 2015)
Midterm - Saturday, May 09
Final - Friday, June 12

Economics 320 (Spring 2015)
Midterm - Saturday, May 02
Final - Friday, June 12

Economics 380 (Spring 2015)
Midterm 1 - Saturday, April 25
Midterm 2 - Saturday, May 16
Final Exam - Wednesday, June 10

Geology 213 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Friday, April 24
Exam 1 - Friday, May 22
Exam 3 - Saturday, June 06

Geology 304 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Friday, April 24
Exam 2 - Friday, May 22
Exam 3 - Saturday, June 06

Geology 308 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Friday, April 24
Exam 2 - Friday, May 22
Exam 3 - Saturday, June 06

Geology 310 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Saturday, April 18
Exam 2 - Saturday, May 02
Exam 3 - Saturday, May 23
Exam 4 - Saturday, June 06
Final Exam - Friday, June 12
Final Exam - Friday, June 12

Linguistics 150 (Spring 2015)
Unit 1 Exam - Saturday, April 18
Unit 2 Exam - Saturday, May 02
Unit 3 Exam - Saturday, May 16
Unit 4 Exam - Saturday, May 30
Final Exam - Friday, June 12

Sociology 491 (Spring 2015)
Exam 1 - Saturday, April 25
Exam 2 - Saturday, May 23
Exam 3 - Friday, June 12

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