On this page you can search for a remote proctor site that students at this university have used in the past. We recommend that students use one of these sites, as the proctor already has experience proctoring exams with us, but doing so is not required. Before deciding to use one of these contacts, verify that they agree to proctor you, offer times that are convenient, and will be available for the duration of the term. Also, be aware that most remote proctoring sites charge a fee to use their services, and just because the site has tested students in the past does not mean they can or will test you this term.

Once you have found a site that is close to you, try contacting the proctor. If they are not easy to get ahold of, choose a different proctor. If you cannot find a suitable proctor from our search, you must find a proctor on your own. The person you choose can not be someone you know, and is unlikely to be approved if they are not a member of academia. Also, the proctor must be able to speak to our office staff during the Eugene work day so that we know they understand the proctoring rules. All of our exams are online, so a reliable internet connection at the testing site is a MUST.

    Tips for finding a proctor:
  • The NCTA(outside link) has a larger list of registered testing centers
  • A simple internet search is likely to turn up a proctoring center near you
  • Universities, colleges, and community colleges often have testing centers
  • Learning centers make great testing centers
  • If you are in a remote location, libraries are acceptable proctoring locations
  • The person you choose must not be someone you know
  • The person you choose must be listed on the website directory of the place you will be testing at (university, library, etc.)
  • If you have questions or extenuating circumstances, email us at de@disted.uoregon.edu

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