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Off Campus Policies

Getting Started

It is vital you understand the requirements in an online class before committing to taking the course. Please read through these steps to testing off campus thoroughly before signing up for a class that tests with SSIL.

  1. If a student is located outside of the Eugene-Springfield area, they must obtain a remote proctor who is willing to administer a test through our website. The only exception is students in the Portland area. It is the students responsibility to locate a proctor from a COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY only. This must be done before the end of the second week of the term (broken down later on this page). If no proctor can be established, the student must drop the class. If the class is dropped after the first week, the student will NOT receive a full refund. Begin this process as soon as possible.
  2. We will notify your professor when you request a remote proctor. We do this so they can send any handouts allowed during a test to the proctor.
  3. When we process your remote proctor request, you will be notified by email. We recommend you set up testing times with the proctor as soon as possible after they have been verified. The times you and the remote proctor decide on do not have to correlate with the calendar that appears when you log into SSIL. The deadlines for your course(s) can be found at the bottom of this page. DO NOT reserve a time on the calendar if you intend to test with a remote proctor for that testing time.
  4. If you can still test at the SSIL lab for one or more of your exams, you will be able to reserve a testing time via the calendar that appears on the home page after signing in. Only reserve a time on this calendar if you are testing in the SSIL lab.

How to Obtain a Remote Proctor

A remote proctor site is a secure location for the student to take online exams. Some examples of acceptable remote proctor sites include testing centers at Universities, Community Colleges, distance education centers, continuing education sites, etc.
  • Here is a list of proctors who we have worked with before. If none of these proctors will work for you, it is up to you to find a proctor. Searching the websites of academic institutions near you is often an effective way to find out if someone there is willing to proctor students. The NCTA website also has a large list of proctors, but be aware that often these remote sites have sizable fees.
  • SSIL will only verify ONE remote proctor per term for you to take all of your tests through. Please find a proctor that you can use throughout the term.
  • Fill out and submit the form on this page after contacting your proctor. SSIL will verify the location and proctor. When this process is complete we will contact you and the proctor by email. This usually takes about a week to complete.

  • Deadlines for Classes, Fall 2017:
    Business 316 (Fall 2017)
    Exam 1 - Friday, October 13
    Exam 2 - Friday, November 03
    Exam 3 - Friday, December 01

    Business 316 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm - Saturday, November 04
    Final - Friday, December 08

    Business 317 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm 1 - Wednesday, October 25
    Midterm 2 - Monday, November 13
    Final Exam - Friday, December 08

    Economics 201 (Fall 2017)
    Exam 1 - Saturday, October 21
    Exam 2 - Wednesday, November 15
    Final Exam - Friday, December 08

    Economics 202 (Fall 2017)
    Exam 1 - Wednesday, October 18
    Exam 2 - Wednesday, November 15
    Final Exam - Friday, December 08

    Economics 313 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm - Wednesday, November 01
    Final - Friday, December 08

    Economics 320 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm - Saturday, October 28
    Final - Friday, December 08

    Economics 380 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm 1 - Saturday, October 21
    Midterm 2 - Saturday, November 11
    Final Exam - Thursday, December 07

    Finance 316 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm - Saturday, October 28
    Final Exam - Wednesday, December 06

    Finance 380 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm - Tuesday, October 31
    Final - Wednesday, December 06

    Geology 353 (Fall 2017)
    Final Exam - Friday, December 08

    Linguistics 150 (Fall 2017)
    Unit 1 Exam - Saturday, October 14
    Unit 2 Exam - Saturday, October 28
    Unit 3 Exam - Saturday, November 11
    Unit 4 Exam - Wednesday, November 22
    Final Exam - Friday, December 08

    Political Science 201 (Fall 2017)
    Midterm - Friday, October 27

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